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John T. Hilton Youth Program I & II

The John T. Hilton Youth Program is the youth mentoring initiative of the Most Worshipful National Grand Lodge. This youth mentoring program is the namesake of John Telemachus Hilton. Most notable for his works in politics, masonry, and as an abolitionist. 

Meet The Leaders of the Youth Department

About Youth l and ll

The Youth Program's inception dates back to  2019, while under the leadership of Past Grand Master Cleon B. Williams Sr 33 and Past Grand Matron Sis. Sheryl S. Head. Comrade LaRonda Smith and Comrade  Fred Dempsey were appointed by the Grand Master to be the Youth Matron and Youth Patron.

As of 2023, the Youth Program continues to grow and expand the family. While under the direction of Grand Master Ronaldo Smith 33 and Grand Worthy Matron Nikkey Dozier, Comrade Ericka Perry was appointed to take over the Youth l group and Youth Matron Laronda Smith opened a Youth ll  group for our older youth up to the age 17 years old.

Ericka Perry
Youth I 

Short message from youth matron

Laronda Smith
Youth II Matron

Short message from youth matron

Fred Dempsey 
Youth Patron

short message from youth patron

unnamed (4).jpg
Grand Master Cleon with two Youth members at the 125th MWPHOMGL Grand Session
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