Welcome to the website of The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Origin Meridian Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Ancient York Masons, State of Florida Jurisdiction,  founded in 1847!


 We are hopeful and trustful that you find our site to be informative and interactive.  We are continuously  enhancing to better suit the needs of our visitors and members. We strive to  exhibit ourselves as a beacon of light in our community and country.

We strive to memorialize Masonry in the state of Florida by practicing its teachings and preserving our culture. We are a jurisdiction who believes in the education, empowerment, and engagement of its members. We will keep the Grand Architect of the Universe at the forefront of all of our ventures, recognizing his plan for our lives and this great fraternity of ours.



Fraternally yours, 

Honorable Cleon Williams Sr.

Grand Master Jurisdiction of Florida

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