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Have you ever wondered about Masonry?

What it is? What it does? Where it comes from? Who belongs? How do you join?
Well, we did, too.

Who are we? We're the men in Florida who are Masons; men just like you. Men who were also curious and wanted to know more.

Like you, we knew that Masons did a lot of good things for people, and we knew that many prominent and respected men were Masons.

Men like our fathers and grandfathers.

But we wanted to know more about what Masonry really is. What it does. Why it attracts so many good men.

So — we asked!

And we hope you will, too. But we want to share with you some of the things we learned about Masonry when we asked. They explain why we're Masons.

Masonry Is Friendship

Masonry is being a friend; sharing common interests; respecting one another and taking a personal interest in the well-being of others. It's caring about the men with whom we are associated in the same way we care about our own family members.

Masonry is a fraternity. We make friends — and we keep them!

Masonry Is Thought And Study

Our purpose is to help each other be better men.

We're serious about that. So, we learn about values and about how they apply to our daily lives. Values like honesty in business and in human relations, fairness in work, courtesy in society, compassion for the sick and unfortunate, forgiveness, love for our fellow humans and an abiding faith in God.  And we hold ourselves responsible for practicing those values.

Yes, it's work. But it's worth it. For you and for those who know you, it's worth it!

Masonry Is Working And Sharing

We work to help our communities grow and prosper, and to take care of community needs.

• Working together in cooperation and harmony;
• Applying our own individual talents and skills to the task at hand;
• Sharing our time for the welfare of our community, state, and country.

In Masonry, we really do celebrate the dignity of work and the joy of helping each other.

Masonry Is Responsibility

In a recent national survey, Masons were listed as the most trustworthy single group in America, with a large percentage of the survey agreeing with the statement, "You can trust a member of the Freemasons to deal with you honestly and fairly, no matter what." That's flattering, of course, but it's also an awesome responsibility.

We teach that there is no such thing as being "sort of honest," or "generally truthful," or "faithful when it's important." A man must be honest, truthful, and faithful. All the time. In business and in personal life. Since you can never know the final consequences of any act, you must take
responsibility for every act.

Masonry Is Generosity

We help children in crisis.
We work at building a better world for everyone.

Masonry Is Leadership

We are proud of the contributions Masonry has made to the world. Fifteen Presidents of the United States have been Mason .  Eighteen Vice Presidents and five Chief Justices of the Supreme Court have also been Masons.


Masonry Is Tradition

Masonry Is For Good Men

We do not ask individual men to join Masonry.  Our rule is that men must ask us, instead. It's not that we want to put roadblocks in their way. We
believe that a man should seek to become a Mason because he really wants to — not because some friend pressured him into it. But we're always ready to welcome good men into the Fraternity.

And if you are a man who believes in honor and integrity, in the importance of individual responsibility and personal freedom, in fellowship and community service and in "fraternity," then you may find as much joy and reward in Masonry as we do. And we welcome you to ask for information about

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