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Elizabeth Grand Chapter
Order of Eastern Star 

Jurisdiction of Florida
Prince Hall Origin

Est. 2017
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   We are excited with the programs, growth and enrichment that we

have shared in Florida!  Elizabeth Grand Chapter (formally Florida Grand Chapter)

was established June 3, 2017 after a few years of not having the Order of Eastern

Star in this jurisdiction.  Elizabeth was the mother of St. John the Baptist. It was

her faith that allowed her to have a baby during her later years.  It is that faith that has

sustained the members of Elizabeth Grand Chapter this year! The four Chapters that

currently make up our Grand Chapter are working hard to become involved in the

communities where they are located.  This past year’s charitable focus was on women in

crisis.  In each city where we met, a donation of goods was made to a women’s crisis center

that assists women through abuse, battery and homelessness.  We are blessed, so we

therefore give with open hearts and hands. We are located in the cities of Jacksonville,

Miami, Gainesville and Tampa. This growth has been a blessing for the Sisters of Florida. 

We are a melding of many jurisdictions that have come together under the philosophy of

Prince Hall Origin.

   Our vision is to “Let Them Hear You!”  Our mission is to care for our communities,

our Brothers and each other without sacrificing the needs of our families; letting our

commitment speak for us so that our constituents hear us!  We are also caring for

ourselves so that we have the faith and energy needed to do the work into which we

have been called.  We have assisted in other projects that benefited our community and some of our Sisters and Brothers in need.  Through it all, God’s grace, mercy and the caring for each other has brought us through with stronger faith and knowledge of our responsibility.

We are looking forward to continued growth; in numbers, commitment, a closer relationship with the Great Architect and understanding of the Order. It has been my honor to serve as the first Grand Worthy Matron of Elizabeth Grand Chapter since our rejuvenation.  May we continue to have strong and abiding faith in the Great Architect, Elizabeth Grand Chapter, our local Chapters and each other!


Yours In Sisterly Service,      


Sheryl Head

Sheryl Y. Head

Grand Worthy Matron

Elizabeth Grand Chapter

Jurisidiction of Florida

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